AFRICAN REPRESENTATIVES AT THE WORLD CUP; The Players need to Work more in Confidence, and Football Federations also have to work More – Tesfai Kahsay


The World Cup Festival has reached Day 29 today, and as we anticipate exciting final fixture and third place game. as we have been doing, is always ready to give you big time Information. will be talking on “African Representatives at the World Cup” bringing you stories and interviews as well for many days to come during and after the World Cup.

The 2018 Mundial year which has had technology a displaying determinant to games saw African teams falter in a sad style, seeing all African teams crashing out in the Group Stage phase.

During the build up to this tournament, dissecting the groups as it were, at least three out of the five African teams were tipped to make it out of the group, but it wasn’t so.

Africa was represented by the UNAF (Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia) and WAFU (Nigeria, Senegal) region of CAF.


In line with our theme which would be our trend for days to come, reached an Administrator in Africa Football, from the Eastern Africa, CECAFA region, and he spoke about his views about the Africans that represented at the Mundial, he hopes the CECAFA region can as well produce representatives in years to come.

The Person of Tesfai Kahsay, a former Executive Member of the Addis Ababa Football Federation, and a top contender in the Ethiopian Football Federation Elections in June.


NFP: Let Africans know more about Tesfai Kahsay.

TESFAI: I am Ethiopian, who loves football and as all African boys, I used to play in my environs during my teen ages. Later on I decided to join Addis Ababa University and give most of my time to my education instead of football.


Then, I graduated with BA Degree in Accounting in 1993 and went to various government and banking sector. In the meantime, I spent my Sunday’s as a spectator in football fields and joined the Ethiopian Coffee Football Club, Supporters Association organizer late in 2002.

I was one of the organizers and formed Ethiopian Coffee Football Club Supporters Association registered in the EFDR-Ministry of Justice in the same year. After registration I became the first President of the Association to serve for about four years.

Also, I have served as an amateur Board member of
the Club and various standing and temporary
committees in the Club. Moreover, I have served as the Executive Committee member of the Addis Ababa City Football Federation.

On the last election of the Ethiopian Football Federation, I was one the top contenders who ran for the Presidency position. However, as the election was not fare and free I could not achieve my dreams. This who I am in a very short answer to your question.

NFP: African representatives at the World Cup, how would you rate the five teams that represented in Russia?

TESFAI: The five teams fro. Africa, in my opinion, were not in a position as they used to be in the last World Cups. I expected Senegal would go further.

In general the players need to come with full confidence and dream to do something to their country. Anyway, the football federations of African countries need to work more to bring more footballers so that ample player option could get to the coaches.

NFP: Build up to the World Cup, at least three African teams were tipped to progress. What do you think the coaches of the African teams didn’t do right?

TESFAI: First of all we need to have African coaches to our national teams. Africa have so many world-class players like Okocha, Eto, Bualia, and so on, why  doesn’t Africa teams want to give chances to all it’s world-class players that are Legends? We have to give all chances to our children! Africa should believe in its own coaches!!

NFP: As a Football administrator in the CECAFA region? What do you think can be done to get more representatives from that region in coming years?

TESFAI: Wow, CECAFA is the weakest Association in Africa, because the leaders of the Football Associations in the region are not capable of standing by themselves. They are an extension of government agencies or some rich people who don’t have ample knowledge of football.

If CECAFA countries want to be successful in football, they have to stand alone with football only, not politics or richness. The clubs should be organized as a legal entity not factory or other government attachment. Football by itself is rich!!

NFP: Thanks for your Time.

TESFAI: My Pleasure discussing Africa.

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