Chesea Vs Man City: How Sarri Can Smoke Out Pep In The 2018 Community Shield


So English top flight football commence with a Community Shield friendly game later today at Wembley.

And it would a match of bragging rights between 2017/18 FA Cup Winners Chelsea FC and 2017/18 Premier League Champions Manchester City, as they usher us into the Strongest British Football of the 2818/19 Campaign.

Apparently, it’s still early days for Chelsea under new Manager Maurizio Sarri, and as so, this clash is expected to be a cracker with both teams preferring to keep possession as much as they would want to.

Pep Guardiola and Sarri had tested their wits twice against each other last year in the Champions League (Napoli Vs Man City), and the Spaniard came out top on both occasions.

There are debates in some quarters that those two games were arguably the best 2 European football witnessed last term.

The new Chelsea Gaffer, who even with a somewhat lesser team, took the game to The Citizens then – though that ballsy move eventually made the Italian lose that UCL tie.

If that clash can be hammered upon, maybe then the current Premier League Champions are likely win today’s starter.

This might be so as the London camp are only getting used to the burning ideas of Sarri – and its still early days for the 2012 Champions League Winners.

The odds of Chelsea getting something from today’s match totally rely on Sarri’s plan. If the former Napoli Manager can cedes some control to City who are obviously sort-of vast in that play, and be more efficient in counterattacks, we might just see some shockers and howlers.

It’s gonna be a smoky #SuperSunday, brace yourselves to avoid Wakandas…

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