Cursed jersey or wrong investment? Sanchez under scrutiny


The no. 7 jersey bad omen lurks yet again at Manchester United with the bearer of the jersey being subject to criticism over his dismal performance.

The greatest concern at Carrington is the possibility of Alexis Sanchez being a misfit just like Angel Di Maria who also wore the number seven jersey.

In spite of earning £600,000 a week and being the highest earning footballer in the history of the premier league, Chilean, Alexis Sanchez is yet to replicate the form he had at Arsenal.

Rio Ferdinand has referred to him as lost. Paul Scholes was satirical that it appeared the Red Devils signed his twin from Arsenal.

In 10 games, Sanchez has scored only once. He started from the bench for the first time when Manchester United face Brighton in the FA Cup quarter finals.

Other pundits have blamed him for interfering with United’s flow of play during the counter attacks.

While his form goes through dissatisfaction scrutiny from fans,  the no. 7 jersey curse has to be considered.

Previous bearers of the kit have failed to live up to expectation; Memphis Depay, Angel Di Maria and Michael Owen.  

Successful owners of the Jersey at the club in most recent past are Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Eric Cantona.

Is it a case of bad investment, misfit or jersey curse?

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