Falode sets sights on winning corporate world over


Independent Chairman of the Nigeria Women Football League board, Aisha Falode has given her assessment of the first round of the 2016/17 Nigeria Women Premier League season even as she has her eyes fixed on better a second round from June 21.

Initially scheduled to resume on June 7, the second stanza was moved by two weeks to enable the board deal with persistent issues surrounding players’ welfare and entitlements.

The first seven weeks of the season went by smoothly without recording any walkovers and there has been some sort of improvement with regards to publicity. Falode now believes her board is currently at the stage of “engaging the corporate world”.

While speaking at an event in Lagos tagged “the Ekofootball Review”, she said the second stanza “will be a build up to what we started in the first stanza”.

The CAF Media Committee member added: “We believe that we have created the platform for the girls to thrive, the platform for the coaches to also flourish, the platform for the crowd to see the beauty in the beautiful game of the women.

“The stage we are now is engaging the corporate world to let them know and let them see that there is indeed potential for activation and leveraging of the different brands in the women’s game.

“So by the time we begin to play the end of the season Super Four I believe that it will not only be a good ambience for football, it will also be a good atmosphere for the brands. For us to showcase what we have and the potential of the women’s game to the different brands that will be watching the Super Four here in Lagos.”

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