Fanendo Adi set to return for Portland, remains strong hearted


One-time invited Super Eagles striker Fanendo Adi is set to return to action for his Major League Soccer side Portland Timbers after 6 months of a hamstring injury lay off.

The 27-year-old Nigerian has been the Portland Timbers’ most consistent scoring threat since he arrived three-and-a-half years ago and is the club’s all time top goalscorer.

The giant forward spoke to his club website on his injury worries and how he overcame it.

“When you know you need just two weeks to come back,” Adi remembers, “and then you do something very little and it reoccurs, it was quite frustrating. And knowing I’m a person the team relies on to get goals, and not being there for the team, it was very frustrating.”

“In as much as [the injury] was a bad thing, it happened for a reason.” Adi believes. “I’m the kind of person that thinks everything is supposed to happen, so I take what seems to be the negative and make it a positive.

“Probably, it was the time for me to be out and reflect on being here. Injuries happen, but mine was happening in a different way, where very minor things kept reoccurring.”

On whether the injury forced him to reconsider his approach, he said: “It’s a shift in routine, as well the shift in the
mental outlook of everything,” when asked how his new outlook on injury prevention has changed his approach. He added: “I was 24, I was 21, now I’m going to be older. There’s definitely a way to do things now …

“There’s been a shift in mental focus just to be ready. Just doing the exercises – I was doing it before, but maybe I wasn’t doing it right. Now I’ve got a whole view, a whole knowledge of how to do it right. It’s a huge difference.”

He also has this to say on helping the team.

“I’m hoping to outdo whatever I’ve done for this team,” he says. “I’m working so hard on my fitness, having been out for so long. Now that I have a few more things that I know how to do right, I’ll be better in the long run.”

Adi will be hoping to make the team when action resumes in the MLS league on March 4, in a game Portland Timbers will entertain LA Galaxy.


Photo credit: Portland Timbers

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