It’s over between Luke Shaw and the Special One


It started as a rare appearance in the Manchester United team for 22-year-old Luke Shaw but ended in humiliation at the hand of his own manager. To say Jose Mourinho wasn’t happy with his performance against Brighton & Hove Albion would be putting things so mildly and covering the truth.

After substituting the Englishman at half-time, the Special One unleashed a polemic on the left-back during a post-match interview where nobody was safe.

When asked to explain the substitution, Mourinho stated: “It was a decision of one player for another player in the same position.

“I wanted to defend better, I want my defensive line to be more solid in relation to a few, not many.

“Every player can play bad but when you see ‘please Mr, take me from the pitc’ that is what I thought.”

Mourinho publicly criticising Luke Shaw is nothing new but he’s never gone as far as this before.

Unsurprisingly, it was picked up by pundits Paul Scholes and Robbie Savage in the BT Sport studio who had already noticed that Mourinho was getting on Shaw’s back during the first-half. He was constantly seen giving frustrated instructions to the left-back on the touchline.

The cocktail of these orders and his post-match comments compelled Scholes to speak up and he’s almost convinced that Shaw’s Manchester United career is now over.

“It’s disappointing because when Luke Shaw first came here you thought, ‘what a left-back he is, he could be the best.’

“It’s a relationship that come the summer will end.

“He’s just not played many games, just his body shape, he looks like needs to play games.”

Scholes went onto say that Ashley Young didn’t perform any better or any worse during the second-half and that Shaw could still go onto become one of the world’s best left-backs if he secured a move away.

While Shaw didn’t exactly cover himself in glory against Brighton, his treatment from Mourinho still looks brutal and it’s reached a point where the United boss is simply stunting his career.

Something just isn’t right between the two and it seems Scholes’ theory would be the best solution for both parties.

Mourinho just can’t bring himself to rate and trust a player with talent and potential in abundance.

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