NLO talks tough on U-19 players registration


The board of the Nationwide League One NLO has charged clubs in the league to ensure that they register a minimum of 10 players within the under-19 category in their various clubs ahead of the new season.

NLO Chief Operating officer, Olushola Ogunnowo, while speaking to the sporting press in Abuja, said that the Nationwide League is a developmental stage in Nigeria football and it is pertinent for the clubs to register these Under-19 players among their players for the new season.

“The board of Nationwide League One has directed the secretariat to remind all the clubs in the Nationwide League One that the resolution of the board taken in the last meeting on registration of minimum of 10 players that are under the age of nineteen (19) for the League must be enforced judiciously,” Ogunnowo said.

He stated further that: “The Nationwide League One secretariat will not hesitate to reject registration from clubs that fails to meet this requirement of having a minimum of 10 players in the U-19 age bracket in the players registered for the season.”

Speaking further Ogunnowo said that clubs can register more than 10 players that are Under 19 years and this can be seen as a good development and in line with the ambition of the board to ensure that the NLO maintains its developmental status.

He also informed the league is still favourably disposed to old players interested in playing for clubs in the league and the total number of players to be registered for a season is now 35 as against 30 registered last season.

“The Secretariat is mindful of the older players in all the clubs and some players that are in the league just for fitness or to rejuvenate their career, based on this the board has approved the numbers of players to be registered to 35 as against 30 in previous seasons,” he said.

Meanwhile, the League board has fixed the league congress for next week Wednesday in Abuja.

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