NPFL: Dikko says media scaring fans with reportage


Chairman League Management Company (LMC) Shehu Dikko thinks fans will be encouraged to turn up for matches at league venues across the country, if they didn’t have to continuosly read or hear about violence at such venues.

Dikko is of the opinion that the Nigerian media pays a little too much attention to negatives as opposed to the positives, there by scaring away fans from the match venues.

There has been noticeably a reduction in the number of fans at some league venues and the LMC boss says it is quite understandable, as the media has chosen to put on the ‘front burner’ issues of breakdown of law and order at the stadiums.

“There are breakdown of law and order in some venues which are being dealt with” Dikko told Channels Sports television recently.  

“Naturally this would make some fans think twice (about attending games) But I think we should generalize it and not make it an issue on the front burner” he said.

The league boss is also quick to add that there are issues of disturbances at match venues all over the world but such matters are usually left to the security authorities to deal with and not made major talking points.

“For example last season, we had the Manchester Utd bus having issues at the West Ham Stadium where they were attacked. 

“It was never made a front burner issue. The security agencies were allowed to deal with it, the culprits were found and taken to jail. 

“That is the way to deal with these issues. If you keep making it (disturbances) the issue of discussion, it keeps scaring the fans away from the stadium.”

Dikko says fans or supporters should be encouraged to have the right attitude and always have in mind that football should not be a do or die affair. 

He says if this is achieved, attending league games would always be a fun experience for all those involved.

“Going to the stadium should be like going to the movies. You’re going to there to have fun. We need to encourage that type of thinking, that kind of an idea.”

The LMC boss however revealed that henceforth concerted efforts would be made in conjunction with security authorities to target miscreants, to target any fan breaking the law and make sure they are punished in accordance to the laws of the land as this would serve as deterrent to other would be trouble makers.

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