Sad tale of Dabrinze: female football player cries out over owed salaries


The question most female professional footballers ask in this part of the World is why they don’t get better welfare packages like their male counterparts even when they work twice as hard as the men do.

Unlike in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) where the League Management Company (LMC) ensures players welfares and contracts are respected the body in charge of the Nigeria Women Premier League (NWPL) seem to have forgotten one of it’s primary assignments likewise the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) who seem to have abandoned these ladies.

As a result of this total negligence by these various bodies, clubs in the NWPL terminate players contracts whenever they desire without paying off these players because they know no one would question them.

Blessing Dabrinze is one of such victims and she brought her ordeal with these clubs to

Dabrinze joined Bayelsa Queens from Martins White Doves from 2013-2016 and with the expiration of her contract, she became a free agent and moved to Ibom Angels where she signed a 1yr contract with the Uyo outfit.

Dabrinze was later dropped by Ibom Angels after the first round of the league without due explanation.

According to the winger, Bayelsa Queens has refused to pay her all entitlements owed.

“Bayelsa still owes me salaries for November and December for 2016,” Dabrinze said.

“They also owe me a half salary during the league season which the state Government has paid but the Chairman refused to pay me rather he’s demanding for a clearance fee from Ibom.

“How can he ask for a clearance fee when my contract with the team had expired? How is that possible?

“I have really been through a whole lot,” cried the winger.

Dabrinze said at Ibom Angels she was the only one short changed for two months out of the 36 players in the team.

“Ibom is owing me Twenty Thousand Naira from the two months they short changed me,” Dabrinze continued.

“Besides, the rule states that a club will continue payment of any player they dropped provided her contract hasn’t expired until she gets another club but I haven’t received any payment since then,” she added.

Dabrinze also told her efforts in trying to get in touch with organisers of the league, the Nigeria Women Premier League proved abortive, but she’s however hopeful something good will spring up.


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