I would have been a DJ if I was not playing football – Hadedeji


Mayungbe Prince Hadedeji is a Nigerian footballer, born and brought up in Lagos. Hadedeji made his way into Germany about five years ago where he plays football as a professional. He has got the potentials, and he seeks more opportunities to play and experience top-flight football in any part of Europe.

How long have you been in Germany and how is life over there?

“Well, I have been in Germany for about five years now and I can say that it has been good all along. Life here is quite organised, it is a society that allows and enable you to become what you want to be provided you have your papers as a foreigner and you understand the language.”

Can you mention the clubs you have played for in Germany?

“Since I arrived here, I have been opportune to play for a number of Professional amateur clubs while I still chase the top dream. I have played for T.KS.Z Ludwisburg, FC Marbach, and TV Pflugfelden which is my present club.”

Where is your preferred position?

“I play outside right or outside left position. I can also play from the attacking midfield role.”

Have you always been a forward?

“I think I will say I am more comfortable in the outside right or left the position. In the club’s I played, I’ve always maintained the role so I enjoy playing from the sides.”

Where do you see yourself in the next coming years?

“It is the dream of every footballer to attain top Professional level, the ultimate for me is to one day play in any premier Division in Europe. I know this dream will come true very soon, it’s just a matter of time.”

How competitive will you say the league you currently play is?

“The professional Amateur league here I’ll say is far above other European countries in my opinion. The level of organised is topnotch, the team want to win and win well. You just have to be the best here to qualify to the next level without favouritism.”

What will you say is the difference between Nigerian football and German football?

“There are a lot of differences. In Nigeria, football is more physical, and the facilities are not always available. Look at the pitches in Nigeria, they do not encourage good football. But here in Germany, I can say that you will learn good movement, tactics and you are exposed to sound coaching. The playing turf is also football friendly and the other equipment you need to develop are available.”

Which match will you describe as the most difficult so far?

“Without thinking too much, I will say the match my team played against Stuttgart. As you know the Stuttgart side is a top division team, so playing against them was quite tough. Although we lost but I will say I learnt alot from that match.”

Have you had any trial recently in any part of Europe?

“Yes, I was in France some months back for a trial at AS Pagny. All things being equal there is a move in the pipeline that will happen soon, once it is all clear it will be made public.”

Any dream of playing in the national team of Nigeria?

“Of course yes. It is the dream of every player to see himself in the Green and White colours representing Nigeria. I once had the opportunity when I got called for the up in the junior cadre but then I didn’t make it, but I know my time shall come. So if I get an invite, I’ll jump at it.”

Who is your role model or which sports icon has influenced you the most?

“Is that your favourite sports personality? Without thinking twice, my role model is Thierry Henry. I love the way he used to play in his days, I still watch some of his clips to learn and improve daily in my game. And for my the person who has influenced my life the most, I’ll say my dad. He has always been there to encourage and support me in any step I take toward my career.’

If you were not playing football, what would you have been doing?

“There something I love too much which is being a DJ. I like music so much and I still try my hands on it whenever I have the time to.”

Which team do you support?

“Arsenal FC has always been my favourite football club because of the kind of football they play. I will also say love good football, so any club that delivers that, I like such club.”

Dou you have a nick name?

Some of my team mates here call me Prince Boateng.


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