Eagles opponent Cameroon in crisis

As coach Broos threatens to quit


All is not well in the camp of Nigeria’s opponent in the World Cup qualifying group, Cameroon after their Nations Cup winning coach Hugo Broos threatened to quit his position.

Coach Hugo Broos won the AFCON trophy with the indomitable lions of Cameroon in Gabon a month ago, but it appears the coach have grown unhappy with the way the Cameroon Football Association has treated the team.

“Seriously considering whether I should continue or not”.

“My players and staff have to work in poor conditions while Cameron Football Federation officials sit in their chairs doing nothing. I cannot accept this,” Broos said.

Mr. Broos was speaking after the lions of Cameroon lost 1-2 to Guinea in a friendly match.

“One year ago when I started working with Cameroon I met many problems. Despite all this we worked hard and reached a new level. But the working conditions are not professional,” he said.

“For example, when we had to go to South Africa last year we were forced to wait for more than two hours on a plane because some officials wanted to put more people than necessary on the plane. It is not fair to pay for other people’s mistakes.

“Also when we went to Nantes the doctor had to pay for some drugs and bandages with his own money for the first two days. He has yet to be refunded.

“We travelled without training kit and equipment because it was too expensive to put it on the plane.

“At mid-day before the match against Guinea, the players didn’t have lunch because the hotel had not been paid. The bad performance against Guinea was a consequence of the poor preparations we had.

“No food? Hotel not been paid? This is the national team. We want better conditions.

“Today I am saying that this is the last straw.”

The football federation of Cameroon, reacting to the comments of the coach, promised to look into the reasons why the coach lashed out.

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